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Vitamedica: Clear Skin


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Ideal for problem skin & non-cystic acne
Vitamin A & zinc support skin health †
Digestive herbs cleanse & detoxify †
Hyaluronic acid maintains water balance in the skin†
Notched packets open easily
30 Daily Packets (1-month supply)

VitaMedica’s Clear Skin Formula has been recommended for 10 years by medical skin care professionals for their patients with mild to moderate non-cystic acne, aged 12 years or older.

Clear Skin Formula is formulated with vitamins, minerals, and botanicals to address skin health internally and promote a clear complexion.†

Formulated in daily packets, Clear Skin Formula makes it easy and convenient to stick with a supplement routine and is the perfect solution for active, busy lifestyles.

Non-cystic acne medications can have potent activity but may have significant side-effects. Go au natural by enhancing the body’s natural systems for repairing, cleansing, and normal healing.†

A combination of vitamin A plus Betatene®, a natural mixed carotenoid blend. Vitamin A support healthy skin by reducing sebum production and the buildup of keratinocytes in the follicle.†
The trace mineral zinc supports skin health and is involved in the proper metabolism of testosterone, the principal androgen involved in acne.†
Chromium improves glucose tolerance and may blunt the effects of a high glycemic index diet. Normal shedding of skin cells is inhibited with a diet high in simple carbohydrates.†
Hyaluronic acid – a natural compound with water binding properties in the skin – maintains the water balance in the dermis without promoting or irritating oily skin.*
Bromelain, an enzyme extracted from pineapple and selenium, a trace mineral, both have anti-inflammatory properties.†
Burdock, Oregon Grape, dandelion and yellow dock contain herbal compounds known for their skin and blood cleansing properties, detoxify the skin.†
Two easy-to-swallow, odorless capsules taken daily to obtain skin health benefits.
Taking Clear Skin Formula is a great first step in dealing with problem skin. To learn more about the dietary and lifestyle steps you can take to get naturally, healthy-looking skin, check out our Acne Vitamins page.

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