FemiLift: A better feminine life.



-Non surgical

-Minimally invasive, virtually painfree
-Fast & Effective
-No down time
-Long term success & great patient satisfaction




What does Femilift treat?

-Vaginal tightening
-Reduces urinary incontinence
-Dryness & recurring infections
-Increase sexualy intimacy
-Post menopause indications


Did you know that 1 out 2 women over the age
of 65 will have a pelvic health concern within
their lifetime?*

Did you know that 1 out 3 women over the age
of 45 will have a pelvic health concern within
their lifetime?*


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What is FemiLift?

FemiLift is a quick, safe and highly effective, non-surgical, virtually painless  laser vaginal rejuvenation treatment. Providing improved sexual pleasure and relief from minimal urinary incontinence and vaginal dryness. FemiLift is a laser generator that produces safe pulses delivered using a tube-shaped intra-vaginal device.

Who can benefit from the medical benefits of The FemiLift?

        – Women experiencing urinary incontinence.

– Women experiencing vaginal dryness.

        – Women experiencing dyspareunia (painful sex).

        – Women experiencing atrophic vaginitis (vaginal atrophy).

        – Women experiencing vaginal laxity in the middle of having children with temporary tightening or after childbirth.

        – Any woman looking for enhanced sexual sensation, for both herself and her partner.  

How long do I have to wait to have sex again? What other downtime is involved?

Sexual intercourse and use of any feminine products that are placed into the vagina should not be used for 3 days. Light cramping can be expected. Most patients are able to return to regular activity immediately after treatment is done. 

How many treatments do I need to get maximum results?

For optimum results this non surgical procedure consists of 3 treatments over 12 weeks.

Does the treatment hurt during or after?

The FemiLift is virtually painless, and you can return to normal activity immediately after with exception of intercourse and use of any feminine hygiene products that enter the vagina for 3 days.

I suffer from vaginal dryness. Will this treatment make it worse?

No, the FemiLift laser is used to treat dryness. The energy of the lasers has been shown to improve symptoms of dryness for many years now.

Can anything go wrong?

All lasers at Vincent Surgical Arts are performed by trained individuals that are trained specifically for the laser and treatment area to provide optimum results. C02 lasers have been used for over 30 years and have proven to be safe and effective for many applications. A similar laser technique is used on the face for skin rejuvenation on the face.

Who is a good candidate for this procedure? Who is not?


-Women who have not yet had children but feel as though they need tightening.

-Women with laxity after childbirth whether they plan on having more children and need temporary tightening or their final childbirth. 

-Women who will undergo a Vaginoplasty (a surgical tightening procedure tightening the outer lower half of the vagina, but also has noticeable widening in the inner portion of the vagina.

-Women with mild urinary incontinence.

-Post menopausal women with dry atrophic vaginal tissues

Not Candidates:

-Women with significant pelvic floor vaginal laxity involving significant widening and muscular separation (results will not be ideal and a surgical repair would provide better results)

– Women with severe urinary incontinence/prolapse 

-Women with very tightened, atrophic vaginas

Can I have this treatment if I had a hysterectomy?


Can I have this treatment if I had previous vaginal repair surgery for prolapse?


Can I undergo treatment if I am on my period?

FemiLift cannot be performed during the patient’s menstrual period.

Can it hurt my clitoris?

No, the nerves associated with the clitoris are located away from the area of treatment.

Can it irritate my cystitis?

FemiLift has not been known to worsen any symptoms of cystitis including frequent urination and burning sensation while urinating.

Can you exercise straight after?

Exercise can be regained immediately after the FemiLift procedure.

Can you have a hot bath or sit in a hot tub after treatment?

Bathing or sitting in standing water should be avoided for two weeks after the procedure.

How far does the laser go?

The tube like probe is inserted into the vagina until it reaches the cervix, reaching 6-8 cm deep.

How long after giving birth can I undergo treatment with FemiLift?

6-8 weeks

I think I might have an STD. can I still undergo treatment?

This will be discussed at your consultation. A copy of results of a clean pap smear is required before treatment is done.

I want a baby in a couple years. Should I wait?

This non invasive procedure is great for women who plan on another child/children and need “temporary” tightening until they are done having children.

Will any form of contraception interfere with the treatment, such as pills or an implant?


Will I bleed after FemiLift?

Spotting including light pink or brown discharge is normal.