Botox has gained popularity in the last decade. It used to be an uncommon practice to talk openly about getting the procedure done, and now it is often a hot topic of discussion across social media and around the world. If you have ever considered receiving botox injections, we share four signs that mean you are a good candidate. Stay tuned.

You Have Untreatable Acne

If you suffer from acne and cannot find a solution that works, botox could be an answer to your troubles. Small injections of botox can decrease oil production in the skin, leading to fewer breakouts and overall a reduction of acne. Other options to treat facial pimples and acne should be approached first. The general use of botox on all areas and muscles of the face does have the risk of leading to what is termed “frozen face.”

You Are Interested In Reducing Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Wanting to reduce your fine lines and wrinkles is not a bad thing. Human beings age, and with the aging process comes some laugh lines, crow’s feet, and loss of skin elasticity. If you choose to get botox, starting at a younger age can lead to the need for less botox use down the road. Receiving botox injections can improve the look and feel of your skin for up to four months. Treatments can vary from as little as 10 minutes. It is a minimally invasive procedure that does not require intense downtime or recovery.

You Suffer From TMJ or Other Joint Pain

 Many individuals suffer from Temporomandibular muscle or joint disorders in their lifetime. Over 10 million people find themselves in this category. Low doses of botox can significantly reduce joint pain or pain associated with TMJ. Disorders such as TMJ can make it very difficult for individuals to chew, swallow and ultimately open their mouths. In extreme cases, lockjaw, severe neck pain, or a dislocated jaw bone can result.

You Experience Migraine Headaches Frequently

You might be a good candidate if you get migraine headaches frequently. Migraine headaches can come on quickly. One might experience extreme pain, nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to loud noises and light, difficulty seeing or vision problems, and general exhaustion. If this is a regular occurrence for you, getting botox treatments could give you some relief. Chemicals in your brain that cause pain during your migraine can be temporarily blocked using botox injections administered by your doctor. 

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